YouTube Shuts Down Gun Parts Dealer’s Channel, But Changed Their Tune After This Happened

YouTube has demonstrated that they are no fans at all of the Second Amendment by shutting down a firearms parts company called Brownell’s channel with absolutely no warning or notice as it continues to crack down on any sort of gun related content on its website.

This isn’t all that shocking, seeing as how YouTube is owned by Google, and the tech giant has made it blazingly clear they bleed progressive ideology, therefore their hatred of the right to bear arms is par for the course.

However, after getting backlash from the channel’s supporters, the company reversed course.

The company, which has been providing gun supplies for eight decades, announced the abrupt termination on Twitter on Saturday.

“Brownells’ YouTube channel has been terminated w/oout warning or notice,” the company revealed. “If you’re opposed to the attacks on our communitys 1st & 2nd Amendment rights, please contact GOOGLE : 650-253-0000 OPTION 5 FOR YOUTUBE, MESSAGE YT & GOOGLE: .”​

As National Review’s Maireade McCardle reported Sunday, the sudden termination of Brownell’s account resulted in a flood of critical responses on social media, “many users saying Brownells is the wrong entity to go after to prevent gun violence.”

Here are a few examples of the backlash from Brownwells’ fans and pro-Second Amendment advocates online:

On Monday, Brownell announced the channel was back up and running.

This goes to show that when individuals who understand the need for the Second Amendment stand boldly together and push back against leftists who are looking to silence our voices, we can win battles and eventually the war. We just have to be strong, convinced of our rightness, believing in our position whole heartedly.

Good job, patriots!

Source: Daily Wire