Woman Just Scammed Trump Supporters Out of $150K. Her Response to it all is Deplorable.

A black woman took to social media to announce she was leaving the Democratic Party in typical melodramatic fashion that captures the essence of the modern generation perfectly, claiming she was part of the “blacks for Trump” movement.

The only problem, it seems, is that her supposed defection away from the dark side — the Democratic Party — was all a big bunch of baloney.

The woman, whose Twitter bio identifies her as a “reformed Republican,” claimed to be disowned from her mother, kicked out of her house, and financially destitute over her Trump support. After posting screenshots of apparently staged text messages to showcase her hardship, she linked followers to a GoFundMe account; sympathetic Trump supporters pledged a reported $150,000 to the woman. She was later discovered to be a Trump-hater looking to rip off right-wingers in some sort of quest for “social justice” and the GoFundMe was taken down.

She openly boasted of the scam on Sunday night, “Maga bitches pay me to live.”

“This morning is getting worse and worse,” said the tweet from the scammer. The text messages show the woman’s “mother” informing her that she will no longer support her financially or let her live at home because of her Trump support. “Maybe one of those trumpies that luv you so much can take you in,” reads one of the messages. Another says, “you’re being a f***ing c***. I have nothing else to say to you you might as well not be my daughter.”

“Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support,” the scammer wrote in a tweet linking to her GoFundMe, adding that her parents had cut her off financially. “If you can find it in your hearts to help this young, black republican pay for school it would be appreciated.”

In a tweet from November 3, the woman said, “hot take: stealing from republicans isn’t bad because republicans aren’t [people].”

The woman has since exposed her little scheme online, practically bragging about it online. This type of person deserves to be behind bars.

This will come as no surprise whatsoever to those who are familiar with the left, but liberals immediately celebrated this lying thief for carrying out her fraudulent scam.

Again, if you needed any further proof that left-wingers lack a basic sense of right and wrong, this little incident ought to push you over the edge.

This woman should be charged with fraud and locked up in a cell for her deception. What an awful thing to do to other people.

Source: Daily Wire