Woman Carrying American Flag Gets Dragged To Ground By Her Hair By Alleged Antifa Activists

During a protest in the ravaged city of Portland, a woman holding an American flag was dragged to the ground by alleged Antifa members who yanked her down by her hair. However, being a full on patriot, the woman did not release the flag or allow it to be be taken away from her.

The woman involved in the incident was able to free herself from the violent assault and walk away.

Here’s more on this from Daily Wire:

Journalist Andy Ngo, who has testified in front of the United States Congress about Antifa, identified the assailants as “Antifa” activists, and stated that the woman holding the flag was a woman of color.

Last week, Portland mayor Ted Wheeler asked the U.S. Attorney’s office and the Department of Homeland Security to rescind the federal designation of the Oregon State Police as federal deputies, ostensibly because deputies could charge Portland’s protesters with federal crimes for assaulting officers, attacking federal buildings, and fomenting unrest, as The Daily Wire reported.

The mayor’s office issued a statement noting that they’d “asked the U.S. Attorney’s office to withdraw the designation. … A key feature of the designation is that anyone who assaults a federally deputized official could be subject to federal charges. … Fortunately, I am confident the Multnomah County District Attorney will continue to prosecute anyone who assaults or otherwise harms police officers or others,” Oregon Live reported.

During the first presidential debate held last week, former Vice President Joe Biden stated that Antifa was an “idea, not an organization,” thus refusing to condemn the group for their acts of radical violence.

This, folks, does not look like an “idea.” It looks like an organized group of individuals coming together as a collective to intimidate folks on the right into silence. That is unacceptable. Democratic leadership in Portland needs to step up and eliminate this problem using proper measures that include calling in the full support of the military.