Woah! Michael Avenatti Arrested for Fraud, Co-Conspirator is Jussie Smollett’s Lawyer

Michael Avenatti really gets around!

In the time he’s managed to craft a celebrity law career for himself by representing #resistance porn stars, crazy ladies jumping on the Brett Kavanaugh abuse train (…no pun intended) and R. Kelly accusers, as well as briefly dreaming of running for President, he’s also apparently been skirting domestic abuse charges and also defrauding clients for millions of dollars.

How does he find the time?

The latest incident of Avenatti in the news, the “creepy porn lawyer” has been arrested for allegedly trying to extort Nike for $25 million.

What’s more, his alleged co-conspirator is none other than CNN contributor Mark Geragos, who also happens to be none other than Jussie Smollett’s lawyer.

That’s a whole lot of cray-cray in one case, yeah?

“The co-conspirator in that matter is attorney Mark Geragos, two people familiar with the matter said,” the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. “According to the complaint filed in New York, Mr. Avenatti and Mr. Geragos, the alleged co-conspirator, met with lawyers for Nike in New York on March 19 and threatened to release damaging information unless the company agreed to pay the two lawyers millions of dollars and another $1.5 million to the client Avenatti claimed to represent.”

Geragos, who is currently representing “Empire” star Jussie Smollett who has been charged with staging a fake hate crime against himself, has also represented Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson. Oh, and Colin Kaepernick.

So, let me get this straight. The lawyer representing the football player who poured fuel on our nation’s race relations by kneeling during the national anthem was blackmailing the company that gave the football player millions to help them sell shoes?

As well as the black guy who staged a fake hate crime against himself?

AND the most famous celebrity pedophile of all time?

This is all too much.

Well, at least Michael Avenatti has found some friends who are as crazy and money-hungry as he is, and that can’t be easy to do!