Wisconsin High School Issues Major Apology After Giving Graphic Sex Survey To Students

A high school located in the state of Wisconsin was forced to issue an apology after 10th grade students were given an extremely graphic sex survey.

The survey was handed out to students attending Brookfield Central High School, located near Milwaukee in a health class where those in attendance were asked to view and discuss the survey responses in real-time.

Yeah. Add this to the list of reasons our education system needs an overhaul.

via Daily Wire:

The true or false-style survey read:

I have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs while having sexual intercourse. 

I have had sexual intercourse with four or more people.

I have had unprotected vaginal sex.

I have participated in oral or anal sex.

One family, who spoke to The Daily Wire on the condition of anonymity, said that their child came home from school feeling uncomfortable after taking the survey. The child told their parents that they felt obligated to complete the survey in front of their peers, even though they wished to opt out of the exercise.

According to the family, the school told the students that they had the option of not participating in the survey. The only problem with that is they still had to stay in the room and were still asked to sit through the presentation.

“There was no opting out, even though the school claims that that was an option,” a parent of one student said. “[The survey] should not be an option that you offer a minor. It should have parental consent.”

Angry moms and dads reached out to the school district, but received no response. It wasn’t until a Wisconsin ABC News affiliate wrote and published a piece on the issue did the school district decide to respond.

In the email sent out to parents, Brookfield Central Principal Brett Gruetzmacher issued an apology for the survey that “should not have been delivered.” The email goes on to cite the district’s policy that family is to play a primary role in consenting to the school’s curriculum.

“[The] district recognizes the primary role that the family plays in developing values, attitudes and behavior,” the email states. “Our role is to support the efforts of the family and facilitate the development of positive student self-esteem, a sense of personal responsibility, and the ability for students to make rational and intelligent decisions.”

The policy in question says that teachers are to only use approved instructional material for lessons related to health class. Gruetzmacher went on to state this kind of mistake would not be made again.

“Unfortunately, in this instance, these expectations were not followed. No student-specific information was recorded during this survey and the survey … will not be used again,” he went on to say in the email. “I am sorry and disappointed that this happened and will take the necessary steps to ensure that this does not happen again.”

Parents aren’t sure if they are buying the apology.

This is pretty disgusting. What is the benefit of doing a survey like this and talking about it in class? This could humiliate students and open them up to severe bullying or worse. Isn’t that what liberals want to fight against?

That’s what they keep telling us that, anyway.