Whopping 91% Of Trump Voters Are Standing By Him Despite The Capitol Riots

The riot at the Capitol building that took place last Wednesday doesn’t seem to have shaken any of President Donald Trump’s support base, as a new survey put out by Frank Luntz over the weekend has come back saying that 91 percent of Trump voters say they’d still vote for him if there were another presidential election held right now.

And all of this is despite the fact that many of these same people criticized Trump for the incident. So these aren’t just individuals who think the president is above the law or something like that. These are normal supporters.

via Washington Examiner:

Only 25% of Trump voters polled stated that the president was responsible for the Capitol Hill riot, which left five people dead and sparked a push to impeach him. Sixty percent said that Vice President Mike Pence acted more appropriately than Trump during the aftermath of the riot.

Additionally, 78% of the 800 Trump voters polled said they agree with the president’s claim that the election was “stolen” from him, and 67% believe Trump would be the winner if votes were “counted accurately and fairly.”

When asked whether the president should continue his fight to stay in the White House, voters were split with 50% saying he should and 50% saying he should leave.

The base that Trump created during his time in office is loyal to the man, pretty much to a fault, but that’s not the reason they stand with him.

People are standing by him because the policies he enacted during his administration have helped people and our economy recover from the disaster Obama left for everyone.

He also provided a voice to those who feel marginalized by modern progressive culture. Trump fought back against a corrupt media and the Deep State element within the government.

It’s going to be very hard to to convince people to distrust and dislike him.