White House Says There’s No Single Point Person To Handle Border Situation

According to the White House, President Joe Biden has put together a committee of top officials to help handle the growing crisis at the border, just days after his border coordinator announced plans to step away from the whole thing.

“It is not a one-woman, even a one-woman job, it is a multi-high-level official job,” press secretary Jen Psaki said to reporters on Thursday, as she described a government wide approach to the crisis that includes  a few of the president’s top Cabinet officials and diplomats, along with the vice president.

“[Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas is playing, obviously, a significant role, overseeing the Border Patrol facilities, overseeing a lot of steps and policy proposals that are coming about the border. The secretary of Health and Human Services oversees the shelters,” Psaki stated, making a reference to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

“This is an interagency process as it should be and as it has always been,” Psaki went on to say.

via Washington Examiner:

Biden has faced calls from Congress to do more to address the flood of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum at the border, numbers that have overwhelmed federal capacity.

Psaki’s response comes amid news that Biden’s designated border coordinator will leave the White House at the end of the month.

Roberta Jacobson, a former ambassador to Mexico, has handled key relationships with Northern Triangle governments in Central America since joining the president’s National Security Council, a position that entails coordinating White House strategy with government agencies.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Jacobson’s announcement was consistent with earlier plans, in spite of the crisis, and that she had intended to serve for about 100 days before leaving government.

“She will do so having shaped our relationship with Mexico as an equal partner, having launched our renewed efforts with the Northern Triangle nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and having underscored this Administration’s commitment to reenergizing the U.S. immigration system,” Sullivan went on to say in a recent statement.

Sullivan then went on to suggest that Vice President Kamala Harris could take over for Jacobson.

“The Vice President is overseeing a whole-of-government approach supported by outstanding public servants across the interagency,” Sullivan stated.

The big, glaring ugly spot on all of this is that this crisis is all President Biden’s fault. He came in and with the swift stroke of a pen wiped out Trump’s immigration policy, which apparently was the only thing preventing folks from flooding across the border.

It was all about revenge against Trump and conservatives. There was no concern whatsoever for the American people when Biden signed those executive orders. And now this mess is getting worse by the day.

And to make matters more terrifying, Biden isn’t actually taking any action at all to fix the situation. Most likely because he isn’t physically fit to do so, which is why he’s not touching any of these important issues.

What a huge mess we’re in now. Miss Trump yet?