White House Says There’s A Chance For ‘Skinny’ Deal With Dems On COVID Aid Package

According to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to call the House in to vote on the money for the Postal Service might open up a door of opportunity for a deal to be reached concerning the coronavirus aid package.

You know, color me skeptical. We’ve seen and heard the same song and dance for months now, so I’m not convinced any action is going to be taken at all. Especially since the left is refusing to budge unless they get items on their little Marxist “wish list.”

via The Washington Examiner:

Meadows told reporters outside the White House that the chance for a bipartisan but narrow aid deal “is better than it’s ever been” following Pelosi’s decision to call up a bill providing $25 billion to the financially troubled Postal Service.

“That’s the first indication we have that she’ll do a skinny bill,” Meadows said.

Lawmakers will vote on that measure on Saturday. Meadows said the two parties should work out a plan to add “four or five” stalled coronavirus aid provisions to that package.

Republicans and Democrats have struggled to come to an agreement on funding for schools and universities to reopen as well as money for the Paycheck Protection Program, which aids small businesses with forgivable loans. Both sides also hope to agree on a new round of direct payments to individuals and families earning below $70,000.

“Let’s add in the things that we can agree upon,” the chief of staff said. “Perhaps funding for schools, PPP, and maybe even the stimulus checks, although I don’t know that we could get an agreement on that.”

Meadows went on to say that the meetings he’s had with Democrats following the collapse of the negotiations between Democrats and and folks at the White House have been encouraging.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything actually happens this time around, but to me it doesn’t seem likely. There’s too much politics involved at this point. Folks are suffering, but that doesn’t matter to the left. All that matters right now is beating Trump.