White House Says 12,500 People Were Evacuated From Afghanistan On Thursday

Landing into a war zone

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ve probably been hearing non-stop about the country’s biggest national security debacle in history, as President Joe Biden thought it would be a grand idea to issue a troop withdrawal from the country of Afghanistan, without first getting American citizens evacuated.

Yes, that’s right. Biden actually thought it would be a good idea to remove the military first, instead of the civilians. This has resulted in the Taliban taking over the capital city of Kabul and made it almost impossible for our people and our Afghan allies to catch flights from the airport in the city.

According to a brand new report from the White House released on Friday, there was 12,500 people evacuated from Afghanistan on Thursday, which now raises the total number of folks evacuated since the Taliban takeover on Aug. 14 up to 105,000.

The report then goes on to detail that 5,000 of those individuals were evacuated Thursday evening.

Again, this wouldn’t even be necessary if President Biden had exercised at least one fully functioning brain cell to think through the proper order for carrying out such a withdrawal.

So what this really says is that Biden has zero functioning brain cells, a fact most people probably guessed already just by watching his press conference this week.

President Donald Trump stated that even a child understood such a basic withdrawal strategy.

We’re in trouble, folks.