White House Reveals Details Concerning Shipments of 150 Million Rapid Virus Tests

On Monday, President Trump announced that states will be receiving 6.5 million rapid coronavirus tests this week, a move he called a “game changer” that will enable state governors to help provide better protection for first responders and encourage them to reopen schools.

Many individuals, particularly those on the left, want to keep schools closed despite the fact that COVID-19 isn’t much of a threat to young, healthy people. The excuse they use for this is the fear of teachers contracting the illness or students passing it around to each other and taking it home to their families.

via Washington Times:

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, thanked Mr. Trump for the BinaxNOW tests. He said the 15-minute turnaround time will allow him to screen K-12 schoolteachers daily instead of weekly.

“We want to get 100% of our kids back in the classroom,” Mr. Reeves said in the White House Rose Garden.

All told, 100 million of the Abbott tests will be sent to states.

Governors can use them as they see fit, though the White House wants them to keep K-12 schools open, support critical infrastructure and first responders and stamp out local flare-ups of COVID-19.

The president went on to say that the other 50 million tests they’re sending out will be going to nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities, along with black colleges to help protect those who are more susceptible to the virus and its complications.

There’s much controversy still swirling around out there about the coronavirus pandemic and what measures are most effective to help keep the spread of the virus under control. However, Trump has done a great job at following the Constitution and allowing the states to have the freedom to approach this issue themselves.

Federalism works.