White House Dodges Questions On GameStop Surge Yet Again

The White House once again dodged questions about the surge in GameStop stock that has shook Wall Street to its core, even after Robinhood blocked users from being able to purchase the company’s securities because they were sabotaging hedge funds.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki held a press conference on Friday morning where she danced, juked, and jived around questions being asked by reporters about the controversy, saying only that the Security and Exchanges Commission was “monitoring the situation.”

via Daily Wire:

“They are closely monitoring this situation but it is under their purview at this point of time,” Psaki said.

“Beyond just monitoring it, has [Biden] had any conversations with economic officials about what’s going on?” the reporter asked.

“He’s briefed by his economic team frequently,” Psaki said. “But I don’t have anything more to read out for you.”

Fox News had reported that President Joe Biden was set to meet with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday afternoon, but Psaki did not go in detail about whether or not the two spoke about the GameStop situation.

All of this silence might just lead someone to believe that the White House has been sticking their nose in this affair. However, we don’t know that for sure so it’s just a thought and a theory at this point.

This is certainly an interesting situation to watch unfold.