What Trump Called Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Is Making Headlines

Former President Donald Trump stated on Wednesday that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is a “holocaust” and then called for an end to the killing taking place in the war, saying the escalation has grown due to the United States and President Joe Biden being “no longer respected.”

However, during his interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, that the time is right to make a deal with Russia in order to stop the hostilities, as they (Russia) have “gotten in deeper than they thought possible” with the strong defense forces of Ukraine.

“This is a horrible thing that is happening,” Trump went on to say during his appearance on the program. “You are witnessing it, seeing it every night.”

via Newsmax:

Ukraine has been able to stand up to its much-larger neighbor, in part, because of the weapons provided through his administration, Trump added, meaning that a peace deal could be worked out with Russia, which is “not looking so good.”

“You have to work out a deal,” the former president said. “They have to stop killing these people … but they don’t respect the United States, and the United States, they aren’t doing anything about it.”

But the United States is spending billions of dollars every day buying Russian oil, rather than opening its capabilities, and that is funding Russia’s efforts, said Trump.

“You stop buying their oil, and that will do it,” Trump commented. “We don’t need oil from these other countries. These countries are not our friends. We don’t need oil from them. The biggest advantage we have over China is the fact they don’t have oil. We do. It is liquid gold under our feet.”

Meanwhile, Trump said he feels “somewhat vindicated” with Germany’s decision to send weapons to Ukraine and to pay more into NATO.

“I got them to pay $430 billion,” said the former president. “When I first went, my first meeting at NATO … they weren’t paying, 20 out of 28 countries were not current. Many were totally delinquent, I said, If you don’t pay we are not going to defend you. I took a lot of heat for that, but guess what? Everybody paid.”

Biden’s “weak statements” also spurred Russia to attack, said Trump.

“He said we will never fight them,” the former president went on to say. “Whether fighting or not, you don’t say that publicly.”

Trump nailed it.

That statement made by Biden has given Russia the idea that all they need to do to be allowed to do whatever they want is threaten to use nukes and everyone will back off. We are enabling the bullies, which is a no-go.

We need strong leadership back in the White House. It’s too bad we can’t make that happen right now.