Watch These College Kids Answer A Few Simple Questions And Go From Pro-Choice To Pro-Life!

Everyone knows that if you want to turn a young, impressionable mind into an emotionalistic consumer and an uninformed voter, ship ’em off to college! There, they’ll find all the pseudo-intellectual, neo-Marxist ideology their brains can soak up and maybe earn bonus points staging a protest or joining a political echo chamber—err, I mean student group.

One of the myriad “social justice” topics young adults receive the most thorough indoctrination in is abortion. To them, it’s a woman’s right to end the very real human life of her own child, but truly it’s the satanic rite of child sacrifice.

What’s incredibly startling, though, is the fact that since these kids have grown up in an abortion-accepting culture and been subjected to a sometimes shoddy or deeply biased education, many of them don’t even fully understand the basics of human biology in reproduction, let alone the deep moral vein that runs through the issue.

These are the young people we’re sending off to these liberal indoctrination centers, so hopefully by this point none of y’all are sitting around scratching your heads and wondering why they come out wearing Che Guevara shirts and voting for Bernie Sanders.

Folks, it’d be easy to sit here and poke fun at these deluded souls (and on occasion, I just might do that), but that’s exactly what they are. Souls. These people, like you and me, will eventually meet their Maker, and He’s tasked us with doing our part to rip them out of the grip of hell and reach them with the truth.

On a political level, we’ve seen person after person experience a radical change from pro-choice to pro-life, including our own President Trump, and past presidents like Ronald Reagan.

Ray Comfort, the New Zealand-born, microphone-wielding evangelist has done incredible work to save babies and souls with his signature style of street preaching. Through his Living Waters ministry, he’s produced groundbreaking documentaries to challenge the godless liberal status quo like God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists, Nothing Created Everything, and Einstein, God and the Bible.

In his latest documentary, 7 Reasons, our favorite Kiwi took to the quads and courtyards of college campuses to challenge the cookie-cutter, talking-point-regurgitating students on the ethics of abortion.

I’ll be honest—what he captured got me pretty fired up.

Take a look at the clip:

In just a matter of minutes, these young people go from “it’s a woman’s right to choose,” to “I definitely changed my mind about abortion.”

When Comfort asks each one if they plan to vote pro-life from now on, you can literally watch the scales fall off of their eyes, and it’s a beautiful sight.

“The movie really is a pro-choice politician’s nightmare,” Comfort told WND. “Like millions of others, I was horrified to hear liberals abandon their usual arguments about it not being a baby in the womb, etc., and freely admit that they just want to kill human beings out of convenience. I wanted to produce a film that would change people’s minds about this horrific practice, and ‘7 Reasons’ does just that.”

Comfort said he was “amazed at both the hardness of heart of some, but of the ignorance of others and tenderness of others.”

“They have no idea what happens with an abortion,” he explained. “I ask questions like, ‘If it was your job to kill a baby, what do you think would be the most efficient way to do the job?’”

With just a few minutes of conversation and a handful of these sharp, yet considerate questions, Comfort changed these young lives forever.

Believe me, I know some of the things that come out of these kids’ mouths demonstrate such sickening ignorance that either makes you spit out your coffee laughing or have to hold yourself back from punching the nearest wall.

Dems and assorted leftists are becoming more and more brazen every day. It’s 2019, and we’re debating late term abortion and infanticide. If so many of these kids (read: voters) are ignorant about the truth of abortion, it’s only going to get worse.

People, the only cure for ignorance is information. Comfort just proved that there really are people out there with minds open to the truth. Find someone today whose life you can touch. You never know what God’s gonna do with the seed you plant.