WATCH: Sweetheart Ashley Judd Loses it Over Everyday Sexism

In most cases a southern woman that gets referred to as a “sweetheart” in public or complimented on her dress would consider such a thing a compliment.  But not Ashley Judd! Don’t dare refer to her in any such derogatory terms or she will remind the world that the boundaries of “everyday sexism” are continually being crossed by men everywhere.

In her Facebook Live video, which has now garnered over one million views and a lot of nasty comments, she tells of her harrowing and nightmarish experience of being called such a horrible name just moments before by a stranger as she walked through security at the airport. Apparently the man was an airport employee and I’d assume a security agent.

Where does this guy think we are? Saudi freaking Arabia?

You can see the video below and I’m sure you’ll cry out for social justice just as the violated, and self avowed “nasty woman” Judd did. What is the world coming to when a woman is complimented in public? (Please read the last two sentences with utmost sarcasm.)

I want you to think for a minute about this horrible sexist term that was used in reference to her: Sweetheart.  Not sweet cheeks, sweet lips, sweet a**, or even sweet (enter a body part), but sweet HEART! Now I’m sure that in many contexts the term sweetheart can be used in a very condescending way just like, basically, every other word in the English vocabulary can be.  But do you really take offense at someone telling you that your heart is sweet?

The problem with triggered tirades such as this on Judd’s part is that it has a tendency to lessen the true sexist evils that actually DO exist in society.  Ashley Judd is a high profile celebrity traveling with an a personal assistant.  She’s not someone bravely emerging from an abusive environment and telling her tale as a survivor.  Those that are have a true story to tell, and their plight is diminished when someone such as Judd is publicly crying foul at the simplest things and at every turn.

Judd would probably want you to forget how she’s made a living as a SEX SYMBOL appearing nude in feature films and even engaging in sexual activity on screen.  In her mind I guess that doesn’t do anything to further objectify women and create “everyday sexism.”  In her mind it’s probably art.  In mine, it’s hypocrisy.

In a day when the long existing reality of female genital mutilation and child rape in many cultures are being significantly brought to light I think that the first world sensitivity to terms such as sweetheart are laughable at best.  Women should be treated with respect by men. Likewise women should strive to be respectable. Living with an over sensitive antennae stuck in the air searching for potential offenses is not how that is done. After many of her tirades in recent years I’d say Ashley Judd is lucky to be receiving any compliments at all.

Keep it classy Ashley. See the video here or below and tell us your thoughts.