WATCH: Maxine Waters ‘Tweet-A-Thon’ Doesn’t Go Quite as She Hoped

Infamously anti-Trump congresswoman Maxine Waters no doubt felt disappointed after an event her and her team worked tirelessly to put together did not go at all as planned, ripping the wind from her sails in a matter of hours.

Waters held an “Auntie Maxine Meet & Greet Tweet-a-thon” with the goal in mind of helping to “amplify” the voice of “our fearless champion in Congress.” Yes, that’s really what it was called. And yes, that’s really what she said about herself on the advertisement.

The Democratic representative had hoped her “star power” and constant calls for the impeachment of President Trump, would somehow magically call together large masses of people to the event, like the pied piper playing a tune.

However, that didn’t happen. Not even close.

In fact, the crowd size was closer to the ten range.

Here’s the almost parody-level advertisement for the event, which celebrates the “fearless champion” in over-the-top terms and paints the picture of an event that will help shape the discourse on social media:

But as the American Mirror points out, the event wasn’t as game-changing as the organizers intended.

Instead of a packed room of Waters fans getting a chance to thank the congresswoman for teaching them about “reclaiming” their time, the event had an unintentionally intimate atmosphere with a tiny number of participants surrounded by a whole lot of conspicuously empty seats.

And instead of celebrating her great legacy, most of the time was spent griping about what’s wrong with America (Hint: It’s the Republicans and the eminently impeachable Donald Trump…):

Check out the blowback she got online too:

Waters is proof positive that the vast majority of Democrats serving in public office are delusional, largely due to the fact they surround themselves with ambitious sycophants looking to do whatever it takes to move up to the next rung on the ladder.

Perhaps now she’ll see just how not influential she really is, as the vast majority of Americans, even in her own area, do not care much for her.

Source: The Daily Wire