WATCH: Man With DS Separated From His Dad for First Time in Decades. Their Reunion Has Gone Viral.

I dare you not to tear up.

A middle-aged man with Downs syndrome who has lived his whole life in his father’s company was briefly separated from him when he had the opportunity to fly to New York and meet his favorite baseball player.

People reports:

Matt Cobrink, 53, was recently treated to a flight across the country to see his favorite baseball player, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees. But the trip from his home in Los Angeles meant Matt would be away from his father for almost a week, a rare occurrence in the 25 years since his mother passed away.

The trip lasted five days, and everyone in the family knew it was going to be a very joyful moment when father and son were once again reunited.

Cobrink’s sister, Marcy, had her phone ready to record the moment he finally saw his father again, which she shared on her Facebook page.

“I knew that after five days my brother was going to really be missing my father,” she told People.

Her video has now been viewed over 20 million times–and you will definitely see why.


“It’s incredibly sad to think people capable of such love are the target of extinction by some nations around the world. Iceland recently bragged about “eradicating” Down Syndrome, when the only way that is possible is murdering everyone with it,” Faithwire‘s Dan Andros notes.

He explains that the video and story in People has been an inspiration to families members of individuals with Down syndrome:

People all over the world have now been reacting to the video with such emotion and sending messages of gratitude for sharing the sweet moment. Especially for parents and family members — and expecting mothers — who may have a child with Down Syndrome. “It gives them hope for their children,” she told People, saying countless have written in to tell her it was “so nice to see something that’s happy instead of things that are negative,” concerning Down Syndrome.

That’s awesome.