WATCH: Man in Easter Bunny Suit Breaks Up Street Fight Because Florida

Ah, Florida.

Where the weather is balmy, the beaches are gorgeous, and the police reports read like some sort of twisted version of Mad Libs.

A police officer was forced to break up a street fight involving an Easter Bunny on Sunday night on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, according to WESH 2 News. 

WESH 2, it must be noted, is very careful to describe the bunny-suited street brawler as a person, so as not to offend those ladies out there who like to bar hop on holidays dressed like mall Easter Bunnies. Respect.

The (hilarious) video of the incident shows the bunny actually managing to land several punches before the officer steps in and breaks it up.

I mean, it’s not like punches from a man (PERSON, sorry) wearing a friggin’ bunny costume could be that painful, right?

Turns out that the PERSON in the bunny costume was, in fact, a man (again, no offense to those ladies out there), one Antoine Edwards who told WESH 2 News what happened, and it turns out…he was a hero!

He said he was out bar hopping with friends when he saw a man and woman fighting. He said he jumped in and tried to pull the man off the woman.

“So I got over there so I could break up the fight and with me trying to break up the fight, he got on top of her, and hit her, so I had to try a different method, basically to break up the fight, which actually worked.” Edwards said.

Lindsey Edwards, who provided WESH 2 News with cellphone video of the fight, said that just before the bunny jumped in he saw the man spit on the woman he was fighting with.

Police arrived seconds later and dispersed the crowd. No arrests were made.

It was an Easter Miracle!