WATCH: How Rudy Giuliani Was Treated at a Yankees Game on His Birthday is Shameful

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani attended a Yankees game Monday night, which also happened to be his 74th birthday, but rather than having a splendid evening out, things took a turn for the negative.

An announcer stated over the loudspeaker that it was Giuliani’s birthday and the crowd responded by erupting into a cacophony of boos.

Nice way to treat the man who was in charge during the horror show of 9/11. Superb work, New York. Really.

While Giuliani enjoyed popularity in the past, his current position as President Trump’s attorney has turned progressives, and even some Republicans, against him.

Although the seeming majority of individuals posting on social media appeared happy that Giuliani was booed, one user put it perfectly:

Gee, what a lovely group of folks, wouldn’t you agree?

Listen, it’s perfectly fine for these individuals to hold their own personal opinions about President Trump and to voice those opinions however they want.

But to disrespect the man who led your city during one of the worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil is absolutely appalling behavior and shows a complete lack of maturity on the part of the individuals in the crowd.

People in this day and age seem to have gone backwards, reverting to children who are incapable of intelligent political dissent and conversation, opting instead to toss around harsh words and engage in name calling.

Guiliani isn’t a perfect man, but he was the man that was needed when 9/11 hit, and it doesn’t seem right to just suddenly forget all of that due to his connection with Trump.

Maybe one day these folks will get the picture and do a little growing up of their own. Wouldn’t hold your breath on that, but miracles do happen.

Source: The Daily Wire