WATCH: He’d Prepared to Protest for WEEKS! His nuts weren’t ready

Bro…seriously you had one chance to demonstrate your manhood on TV by showing up for the protest and boldly kicking that mean old tear gas canister.  You were gonna be the hero dude! And now you’ve gone viral…not because of your courageous actions…but because the police shot you in the balls with another tear gas canister.  Great job!

I’m thinking that it never crossed his mind when he left his parent’s basement that his big evening of protesting was going to go down like that.  Gas mask? Check! Black shirt? Check! Backpack full of protest gear like handi-wipes and Kashi bars? Check! Athletic Cup? Nah I won’t need it.  When he was writhing on the street in pain I can’t help but wonder if he was thinking he should’ve stayed in the basement playing Xbox.

In the video the protester, wearing a a gas mask, is seen kicking a canister of tear gas back at police. Seconds later something hits him right in the family jewels and a cloud of dust rises up. He doubles over in pain, drops to the ground and lies there until a friend comes along and helps him off the street. He wobbles along obviously in pain.

First of all kudos to the cops.  Apparently the time spend in the shooting ranges has paid off.  If you can hit a liberal that’s basically nutless in the nuts with a tear gas canister from that far away then you need a freakin’ medal.

Secondly, take a look at what jersey the guy that helps him off the street is wearing.  You simply can’t make this stuff up!