WATCH: Flashback To Obama’s Massive ICE Raids Brings Out The Stupid In People

Although his administration developed several streamlined pathways to citizenship (including the highly questionable DACA policy), folks didn’t call former President Barack Obama our “Deporter-in-Chief” for nothing.

So, when today’s leftists dig in their heels and demand open borders out of their sheer, unbridled Trump Derangement Syndrome, it can be helpful to lengthen their memories a bit and hearken back to the days of presidents who wielded their power to deport illegal immigrants a bit more severely than President Trump does today.

Of course, any attempts to remind today’s goldfish-brained voters of past policies that give quite a bit of helpful context for evaluating President Trump will invariably result in knee-jerk reactions, ad-hominem attacks, and regurgitated talking points they picked up from Vox.

Take this instance, for example, when political comedian Tim Young brought to the fore an old video clip of former President Obama elaborating on his tough deportation policies in an interview with CNN.

In the clip, Obama states that “undocumented workers broke our immigration laws and I believe that they must be held accountable, especially those who may be dangerous,” before explaining his tough treatment of illegal immigrants over the course of his two terms as president.

So, when Young attempts to jog our memories with this little snippet and ask why Obama’s policies weren’t met with the uproarious accusations of racism as we now see lobbed at Trump, well, let’s just say people didn’t seem to do much research before answering him.

Like this one:

Oh really? Is that so? Oh, wait, no. It’s not.

…Neither was Trump. Seriously, guys?

Apparently all we need to do when confronted with challenging information is to activate the appropriate Leftist Buzzword™. No sound argument, no consideration of facts. Simple as that.

And I can tell you’re not a golfer. What on earth does that contribute to the conversation?

So Obama could “throw kids in cages” and deport millions of people because he was a nice guy about it. Noted.

  1. Yes he did, 2. He said in his very first sentence that people who break our immigration laws have committed a crime, 3. Neither did Trump, and this “racist” thing needs to just die and stay dead.

And, last but not least, this person who would sooner resort to a conspiracy theory than acknowledge that President Obama would ever do such a mean, nasty thing as uphold our immigration laws:

Someone put a dollar in the swear jar for Maybel and help her figure out how to use Google.