Watch Dan Crenshaw Absolutely Shred The #CancelStudentDebt Scam

For many folks, college or university education is an unnecessary, overpriced scam.

Yup, I said it, and I’m not sorry.

Now, clearly, that isn’t to say aspiring surgeons or dentists should be able to watch a few YouTube videos and open up a chop-shop in a strip mall, and I’m definitely not discounting the valuable education folks have gotten.

But I will argue that apprenticeships, direct entry into skilled trades, and simply taking advantage of the vast wealth of free, quality educational materials available today shouldn’t be something kids discover when they’re 22 and already tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

College and university should not be touted to kids in high school as the only option—or even the best option—for everyone.

But, alas, we are learning this a wee bit too late and now an entire generation of Americans lives with crushing student loan debt and careers that don’t allow them to pay it off and afford avocado toast at the same time.

Pardon my coarseness, but cue the world’s smallest violin.

Loans are loans. Unless you’re a thief, you pay back what you borrowed, and you pay it back on the terms to which you agreed.

But don’t tell that to the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. They’ve got votes to buy, and they’re going to pick that socialist money tree bare to do it.

Nevermind the fact that federal involvement in subsidizing college tuition is what drove tuition costs up in the first place, these people want to go for broke (literally) and just make the whole damn thing “free.”

Like many of us,  Rep. Dan Crenshaw isn’t havin’ it.


Absolutely nailed it.