CNN has no one to blame but themselves.

Rather than try to pull themselves together and restore some credibility after 2016, CNN staffers seem to have succumb to collective dementia and are all still convinced that anyone takes them seriously.

Just a few short weeks ago, Jim “Look At Me!” Acosta weakly told the President “we are a real network, sir” after Trump said he wouldn’t take his question and preferred one from “a real network.”

Just keep telling yourself that, Jim.

Most Americans can recognize shameless propaganda masquerading as news when we see it.

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Particularly the crowd at a recent Trump rally who, following in what now appears to be Trump rally tradition, once again trolled poor Acosta as he tried to “report” on the “news.”

Of particularly worthy note are the young men with their “blacks for Trump” sign in the front of the crowd and the ample pink “women for Trump” signs scattered behind them, a complete and total identity politic fail which no doubt is causing liberal head explosions wherever the footage has been seen.

Watch, and enjoy:


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