WATCH: Before Bernie Was a Socialist, He Was Just a Plain Old Communist

Bernie Sanders is running for president again, which means the slew of videos from way back when he openly discusses his great love of full-on communism have surfaced, and we get to enjoy cold hard proof that the dude is a dyed-in-the-wool dirty red anew.

That’s right, in case you, like AOC, weren’t alive in the 80s, Sanders wasn’t pushing no “it’s democratic socialism” in the ’80s.

He was all in for Soviet-style, Cuban-inspired Marxism.

Don’t believe me?

Check out some of these hot takes Reagan Batallion has been posting on Twitter, like this video praising Castro in Cuba and how sad he was that JFK was warning against communism (for you youngsters out there, once upon a time in our great nation the Democrats were not actually socialists, as recently as about five minutes ago):

Then there was that time he complained about how people just don’t understand how awesome bread lines are:

And of course, it’s very important to remember that, mass-murder aside, the Soviets had an amazing public transportation system:

And DON’T YOU DARE call Manuel Ortega a dictator!

Well, what can you really say though? Soviets are just so much fun to party with: