WaPo Issues Major Correction For Flubbing Trump-Twitter Post

Isn’t it just absolutely delicious when a major outlet associated with the mainstream media is caught being biased and exposed for the charlatans they truly are?

The Washington Post was forced to issue a correction after they erroneously published a report that claimed President Trump had been given the boot from Twitter following statements he made about children being “almost immune” to the coronavirus.

Twitter and social media giant Facebook took down clips and posts with this statement by the president, claiming they are “misinformation” about COVID-19 and the risks it poses to children.

However, WaPo seemed eager to create more of that anti-Trump narrative we’re used to them serving up and ran the story as though the president himself was banned from the platform.

via Fox News:

The Team Trump campaign account had uploaded the video on Twitter, in a post that the president later shared on his personal account.

After Twitter disabled the video, the platform further punished Team Trump by forbidding the account from tweeting until it took down the original post.

However, the Post apparently got its wires crossed in reporting what happened.

“Breaking: Twitter said it will require President Trump to remove a post containing coronavirus misinformation, banning him from tweeting until he does so,” the Post began its report in bold text. “Twitter hid the post and said he will not be able to tweet from his account until he deletes it, although he can appeal the decision.”

The Post then shared a quote from a Twitter spokesperson that appeared to allude to the president instead of his campaign, saying the tweet was “in violation of the Twitter Rules on COVID-19 misinformation. The account owner will be required to remove the Tweet before they can Tweet again.”

Several individuals who work for WaPo shared this information on their Twitter accounts spreading the report all over the platform. They later deleted the tweets.

Here’s what the correction notes at the bottom of the report:

“Twitter penalized Team Trump, the president’s campaign account. An earlier version of this article said that Twitter penalized President Trump’s account.”

You know what could have prevented this nonsense from happening in the first place? If the media were more interested in promoting facts and objective reporting than in pushing an anti-Trump narrative and attempting to be the first to break a story so they can get all the clicks.

Some very basic, quick fact checking would have cleared this matter up completely. Yet, the propaganda machine known as the Washington Post was to eager to please their Democratic Party overlords to worry about something as insignificant as the truth.

This goes to show you that we can’t trust much that comes out of the mainstream media.