Want Some Entertainment That Will Make Democratic Debates More Tolerable? Trump Has You Covered.

As responsible citizens, it’s important to be informed of where both Democrats and Republicans both stand on the issues facing our nation so that we can know what we’re up against or supporting come election time.

That being said, conservatives likely have a hard time swallowing the disgusting liberalism spewed forth during Democratic debates. Let’s face it, watching them is like having your teeth pulled.

Well, this time around, it’s going to be more entertaining than ever to watch the extreme left discuss all the ways they want to ruin America, as President Trump is planning on live tweeting the primaries.

Via Daily Wire:

The move was, apparently, controversial among Trump’s aides, with some strategists claiming that it would be better for the President if the Democrats, who will debate in two shifts over two nights, were allowed to attack each other without the President as a distraction.

WSJ says, though, that the President wants to make himself a “tangible” presence in the debate, and refuses to allow Democrats to discuss amongst themselves how they’ll defeat him without being directly challenged.

Trump’s closest advisors remain opposed to the plan, the Hill adds, partly because Trump live-tweeting the debates, “Mystery Science Theater 3000”-style will make him the focus of the night, and partly because what Trump chooses, on his own, to respond to might give Democrats some insight into what the President thinks are the most important issues at play in the 2020 election — and what attacks sting him the worst.

Some folks are also concerned that by live-tweeting and attacking the Democratic candidates, Trump will end up elevating some of his rivals to prominent positions and make them more appealing to those who are opposed to Trump and his administration.

There’s some truth to this statement, as attacks Trump has launched against both former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have coincided with large increases in poll support for both candidates.

As of now it seems the plan is “fluid,” which means that whether or not the live-tweet happens depends largely on how the president feels during the night of the debates.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all goes.