VP Kamala Harris Has ‘Unprecedented’ Negative Approval Rating; Lowest In Last 28 Years Of NBC Polling

So it seems that America just doesn’t have a whole lot of warm feelings for Vice President Kamala Harris. In the last 28 years of NBC Polling, not a single other new vice president has received such a chilly welcome from Americans as the first woman vice president.

Pollster Bill McInturff recently pointed out in the latest survey that her low positive rating, which is sitting at 37 percent, is the lowest feeling thermometer of any first year VP going back to Gore in 1993 with an unprecedented ‘very negative’ rating on @NBCNews survey tracking.”

Believe it or not, she’s scored lower than Al Gore, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden, and Mike Pence.

via Washington Examiner:

She also has the largest “total positive” versus “total negative” gap at negative 9 points. For comparison, Cheney’s gap was a positive 23 points.

And McInturff also highlighted the vice president’s “very positive” versus “very negative” rating to rank her thermometer reading and found that gap at a whopping negative 17 points, nearly tripling the next worst, Biden’s negative 6 points in his first year of the Obama administration.

Since taking office, Harris has struggled to emerge. She has been given the job of fixing illegal immigration and pushing through election reform, but both are stalled. She is currently on a trip through Asia.

How much money do you want to bet the news media will grab hold of this and try their best to twist up the narrative to make it look like the vast majority of Americans are misogynistic and are hating on Harris because she’s a woman?

Truth be told, she’s a horrible politician. A weak-willed “yes man” type of person that will do whatever she is told to by the radical wing of the Democratic Party. Which is why they got her on the Biden ticket to begin with.

If he for some reason cannot fulfill the duty of president, she’ll be put in office and will do more damage than even Obama managed to do in his two terms.

Scary thought, right?