VP Harris Ducks Questions On Teachers Returning To Classrooms; Says Teachers Should Be Priority For Vaccine

Vice President Kamala Harris ducked questions about the White House’s pledge to get teachers back in classrooms so students can return to learning in person, opting to go on a rambling story break rather than actually addressing the new guidelines that have come out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

During a chat with NBC News on Wednesday, Harris sidestepped some questions about whether or not the Biden administration’s going forwards with their pledge to get kids back in the classroom and learning five days a week within the first 100 days of the president’s term.

This is a promise the president himself repeated during a town hall event held on Wednesday evening.

via Daily Wire:

“Teachers should be a priority,” Harris answered, going on to note that her “first-grade teacher had attended her law school graduation,” per Newsweek.

Asked if she believed teachers must be vaccinated in order to return to classrooms — something the CDC said last week is not necessary for safe in-person learning — Harris would only say that teachers should be a “priority” for the COVID-19 shot and that real policy on the subject should be left to the states.

“Teachers should be a priority,” Harris reiterated, noting that teachers “are critical to our children’s development, they should be able to teach in a safe place and expand the minds and the opportunities of our children. So teachers should be a priority along with other front-line workers.”

“The states are making decisions individually about where they will be on the list of who gets vaccinated,” Harris said.

NBC News host Savannah Guthrie went on to press the vice president about the CDC recommendations themselves, which directly the ability for schools to be opened safely with the infection rate in the community, which might end up causing students to be stuck in online learning until next year.

“The issue here is not just about statistics — it’s about our kids, it’s about their parents,” Harris said, stumbling over her words. “It’s about the fact that every day our kids are missing essential, critical days in their educational development.”

“Each day in the life of a child is a very long time,” the vice president added, “And that’s why we’ve got to collectively do everything in our power to reopen our schools as quickly as possible, as safely as possible.”

Man, getting a straight answer from anyone in the Biden administration on how they are handling COVID-19 is nigh to impossible. Just answer the question, Harris. Just answer the question.

It really doesn’t seem like this administration is doing a whole lot different than what Trump was doing when he was in office, does it?

Things that make you go, hmmm.