Vox Is Waging A “Deplatforming” War Against Conservatives Like Steven Crowder, Here Are The Next Steps

We all know that the big, beautiful rainbow of “diversity” is nothing but a sham.

These folks have no interest in inclusion and tolerance, only carefully controlled thoughts and statements that fit within the confines of their brand of “sensitivity”. In other words, there is no free speech, only allowable speech.

Since much of the speech these folks disagree with is in digital format, a good ol’ fashioned book burnin’ is out the window. Instead, they plot and scheme to hit their ideological opponents right in the wallet in an information war tactic known as “de-platforming”.

For any conservative or otherwise unsavory personality who makes their living, in part, from monetization with ads embedded into their videos, blog posts, and websites, having their ability to monetize their content is a serious blow to their pocketbook.

And, before you think this is all about money, ask yourself just how many widows and orphans folks like Vox are supporting with their ad revenue. Trust me, cupcake, everyone’s got a mortgage.

So, when Vox’s Carlos Maza finally took action in his long-running feud with conservative comedian and BlazeTV host Steven Crowder, Crowder took a serious hit.

Every single one of Crowder’s YouTube videos has been de-monetized.


In yesterday’s episode of The Daily Wire’s “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles made the bold statement that Maza’s successful attempt to get Crowder demonetized wasn’t just a case of leftist thin skin, but a calculated effort at quashing conservative thought.

Maza has been calling himself a “queer” for years. Why [deplatform Crowder] right now? Well, it’s because this is Pride month. Carlos Maza launched this whole crusade on May 30th, two days before the launch of Pride Month. This was not an exasperated emotional reaction to harassment. This was a highly calculated premeditated attempt to censor conservatives on YouTube and other social media which are, by the way, the largest public squares in the entire world…

It has mostly worked. He’s a whiny un-American authoritarian, but Carlos Maza is pretty effective. But it’s not just launched at the beginning of Pride Month, it’s launched at the beginning of the 2020 cycle. It’s 2019, the elections are underway and now YouTube is going to mobilize to help Democrats unfairly. The Left complains about Citizens United, how that Supreme Court decision upheld the corporation’s right to donate to political campaigns. They said it was awful and they said corporations aren’t people, corporations can’t donate.

Then what is this? What this is, is just one giant completely unregulated corporate donation to Democrats. They’re admitting it.

These folks are getting desperate to keep their grip on the media, even supposedly neutral platforms like YouTube.

We’ll see how this all plays out. In the mean time, support conservative content like Steven Crowder, and, if I may toss humility to the wind for a moment, The Political Cowboy.