Voters In California Split Concerning Newsome Recall New Poll Reveals

A new CBS News poll that has come out has voters in the state of California split on whether or not Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom should be recalled from his current position.

The recall election is currently set to go down on Sept. 14. The poll has found that 52 percent of likely voters believe that Newsome should not be recalled, while another 48 percent think he most definitely should.

The margin of error for this poll is 4 percent.

via Newsmax:

A favorable outcome for Newsom could be hindered by the enthusiasm gap between recall opponents and backers. The poll found that 78% of Republican voters said they “definitely” will vote in the recall election, and 72% said they are “very motivated to vote.”

Among Democrats, 73% said they definitely will vote, and just 61% said they are very motivated to vote.

Looking at the results of the 2020 presidential vote, those who voted for former President Donald Trump are almost 20 points more inclined to say they’re “very motivated” to vote in this recall than those who supported President Joe Biden.

The poll put out by CBS News found that 91 percent of folks who responded against the recall were apparently opposing it because there shouldn’t be a recall election in the first place.

Of those individuals who are voting in favor of recalling Newsom, 96 percent stated they were doing so because they weren’t happy with the job that Newsom was doing during his time in office.

Take the polling with a grain of salt. There were enough signatures to get this recall going, so there’s obviously a whole lot of folks who feel Newsom has failed in his duties as governor. It’s time for him to go. His policies concerning COVID were some of the most tyrannical in the country, right along with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s.