Virginia Implements Stifling Monthly Limits On Handgun Purchases

The state of Virginia has now adopted some of the most stifling gun regulations in the United States after a judge decided to shoot down — pun absolutely intended — an attempt to block a one-handgun-a-month limit from taking effect in the state.

You know, this being a somewhat Southern state, one has to wonder whether or not the people of Virginia are going to take this sort of limitation on their right to bear arms lightly. Something in my gut says that’s not going to be the case at all.

Democrats in the state should be very concerned about their future career possibilities in the public sector.

Here’s more on this from The Free Beacon:

Virginia Democrats made gun control a top priority after taking control of both the state legislature and governor’s mansion in 2019 and quickly pushed through one of the most restrictive packages in the country. Residents in the commonwealth are now subject to universal background checks, red flag laws, and a monthly limit on how many handguns they can purchase.

Gun-rights activists had attempted to block the July 1 implementation date of those measures in separate suits. A state judge rejected a request to temporarily block the one-gun-a-month law on Thursday. The same group of gun-rights activists requested a stay in a new suit against the universal background check law, but were unable to secure a hearing before the law took effect.

Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), which is involved in both current lawsuits and considering two more, expects the new laws to anger Virginians. The new laws are at odds with a traditional pro-gun culture in the state and the quick implementation of strict gun-control measures could rankle residents enough to drive them to the polls.

Van Cleave went on to say that, “People are not going to be happy with this. They’re not going to forget about what they’ve [Democrats] done, so it’ll be curious to see the elections in 2021 in Virginia. It might be curious to see the elections in 2020.”

It seems strange that so many liberals have a reading comprehension problem when it comes to the Second Amendment. When we look at the plain text and interpret it by what it originally meant in the context in which it was written, we have the right to own firearms and the government has no authority to interfere.

The Democrats in Virginia think it will be easier to control an unarmed population. They are about to find out the hard way this isn’t going to go how they want it to go. In fact, they might have just signed their own pink slips.

Right now, with police being disbanded and defunded, it’s more critical than ever to fight for the right to bear arms, because it’s become clear the only ones that can be trusted to protect our lives and property from criminals is ourselves.