Viral Video That Supposedly Shows Trump ‘Deep Into His Degenerative Neurological Disease’ Gets Exposed As ‘Deceptively Edited’

It’s no secret the radical left in America hates President Trump with a passion. Why wouldn’t they hate him? This is a man who is like the average person. He has worked tirelessly to expose the left for what they truly are and has foiled their plans to radically transform America from a democratic republic into a socialist nightmare.

They hate him so much — and by extension, you and me — that they are willing to take video of him being a good husband and edit it to make him look as senile as Joe Biden.

Which is exactly what happened when a user on Twitter took a video from August of 2019 and cut it in such a way as to make Trump look like a wandering, blubbering idiot. No doubt this is retaliation for Trump’s constant questioning of the mental acuity of Joe Biden.

Well, the video has been labeled “deceptively edited” and after garnering millions of views, disappeared from Twitter.

via Daily Wire:

The video showed President Trump on the White House lawn with a Marine One helicopter in the background. The president takes a few steps toward the chopper, then walked along the edge of the driveway, stops near a puddle and points at it.

“Trump is lost & disoriented here,” wrote someone named Tom Joseph on Twitter. “His mind goes blank and he doesn’t remember what he’s supposed to do next. He’s deep into his degenerative neurological disease — Frontotemporal dementia — mindlessly lumbering and zigzagging in the grass towards a puddle.”

This tweet is now gone, but here’s another one that’s similar to it.

The video stops with Trump pointing at the puddle, but he was doing so for a reason: He was waiting for first lady Melania Trump to arrive and was pointing out a hazard.

Yes, that’s right. Trump was busted on camera being a decent husband and an all around normal human being, which the left just could not stand, so they tried to turn it into a weapon against him. Sure, it’s mostly to mock him and the idea that Biden is off his rocker, but the intent is still malicious.

Here’s more from Twitter:

Even Twitter itself took the video to task for being deceptively edited:

“A 12-second video that circulated late Sunday of President Trump waiting for first lady Melania Trump is being shared out of context, according to Mediaite. In the full version of the video, Trump can be seen pointing out a puddle to the first lady so she avoids stepping in it, according to footage provided by C-SPAN,” the social media company wrote.

Of course, that didn’t stop moronic leftists from attempting to take this video and actually make it into something to hold against the president.

This is how the left fights, folks.