VIDEO: Whitmer Politicizes Santa Claus To Push State’s COVID Message On Kids

Just when you thought the radical leftists in this country couldn’t possibly sink any lower, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says, “Hold my beer,” and politicizes Santa Claus.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Whitmer, the tyrant in training, has co-opted Santa Claus to push her oppressive message of control concerning the coronavirus down on children.

Nothing is sacred any more.

In a video published on Wednesday, Whitmer and a group of kids chit-chat about COVID-19 with Santa. Strangely, none of the children on the teleconference bothered to ask the Big Man about what the want for Christmas or if they’d been good or bad this year.

No, every question was about the ‘rona.

via Daily Wire:

“How can we keep people safe for Christmas?” one child asks Santa.

“What I would suggest to do is what the governor is telling all the people of the great state of Michigan to do,” Santa replies. “Social distance, wash your hands and make sure you wear your mask when you’re outside your home.”

Very young boy: Can we leave out cookies and milk and also some carrots for the reindeer this year?

Santa: Yes, please do.  Set out carrots and cookies if you can.

Very young boy: We’ll also set hand sanitizer if you’re done with the cookies and milk.

Another child asked if anyone at the North Pole had tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Everyone has been testing negative.  We’re still getting tested.  I think we’re so far up north that it might not be getting to us, but we’re not gonna take any  chances.  We’re all gonna mask up.  We’re all gonna wash our hands, and we’re all gonna stay six feet apart,” Santa replied.

This is just deplorable, isn’t it?

First off, these production values are terrible. That dude doesn’t even look remotely like Santa Claus. It’s laughable at best. You couldn’t find a dude with a beard? Really?

Secondly, this is nothing more than propaganda. Especially since Santa, later in the video, goes on to suggest that children do exactly what the governor tells them to do.

How disturbing is that?

It’s beyond creepy, folks.

If you don’t think this is about power and control, you’re not paying attention.