VIDEO: Mark Meadows Walked Away From Reporters After One Complained About Him Removing His Mask To Speak

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows clearly isn’t taking any crap over this whole mask hysteria related to the coronavirus pandemic, as he totally ditched a group of reporters after one of them complained about him not wearing his mask to speak with them.

These folks are just absolutely locked into a lifestyle of fear right now, aren’t they? Talk about lack of understanding and not “following the science.”

via Daily Wire:

CNN Capitol Hill reporter Kristin Wilson caught Meadows outside of the committee room where the Senate Judiciary Committee was holding Supreme Court nominee Amy Comey Barrett’s confirmation hearing on Monday.

Meadows stopped for the CNN camera and prepared to field questions from Wilson. Before beginning, Meadows grabbed the microphone and backed up several paces, trying to maintain enough social distancing so he could remove his mask to speak. As he made to take off his mask, however, Wilson can be heard moaning in objection.

“Let me do this, let me pull this away,” Meadows says, grabbing the microphone and backing up.

“Yep, pull away,” Wilson says.

“And then that way, I can take this off to talk,” Meadows says while taking of the mask. Wilson groans out an “Oh” and begins shaking her head in disapproval.

Meadows, clearly irritated, says, “Well I’m more than 10 feet away.”

He then says he’s “not going to talk to the press” through a mask. He promptly replaces it and walks on by the group of reporters.

Folks, this mask stuff is getting so crazy.

The science still doesn’t do much in any way to convince us all that masks actually work. The virus is still here. It’s still spreading. And it can’t all be because people aren’t wearing masks. More are wearing them than aren’t.

It really feels sometimes like these folks just do not want to go back to normal. Ever.