VIDEO: Doocy Rakes Psaki Over The Coals On Biden’s Border Crisis, Move On Eviction Moratorium

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy raked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki over the coals on Wednesday concerning President Joe Biden’s border crisis and also his controversial action relating to eviction moratoriums.

The questions came up as Biden’s administration announced a brand new targeted eviction moratorium on Tuesday, despite having stated earlier in the week that it didn’t possess the authority to take that course of action.

Doocy opened up by asking Psaki, “why isn’t more being done to help the landlords who are struggling to pay their bills because they’re not being paid?”

“Well, actually, the landlords can benefit from exactly the same emergency rental assistance that renters can benefit from,” Psaki said in reply.

“But right now, as we understand it, many states are not distributing that money,” Doocy fired back. “The Washington Post says that this measure could drive of minor landlords to bankruptcy.”

“Well, that’s exactly why and I’m happy to have you as a partner in this effort up, we are trying to advocate for states localities to get this money out,” Psaki answered. “There’s no reason it’s not going out to landlords, to renters, no reason that people who are eligible are not benefiting. And we’ve seen a number of states, red states and blue states do this very effectively. Texas as an example I used yesterday, Virginia is one I highlighted today. This is why we’re doing as much of this outreach and engagement as we’re doing and simplifying forms, making it easier for people to understand.”

via Daily Wire:

Doocy also pressed Psaki about Biden’s border crisis after border officials encountered an estimated 210,000 people attempting to illegally enter the U.S. during the month of July, the highest number in decades — a development which has spurred calls for impeachment.

Doocy asked Psaki if Biden thinks his immigration plan is working given the fact that the U.S. is seeing “record numbers” of people illegally trying to enter the U.S.

“Well, the President continues to convey to anyone, as you’ve said, who wants to come to the United States, now is not the time to come,” Psaki then stated. “It is not the time to come and try to go through irregular migration, we want to have an effective process where you can apply for asylum, where you can apply for legal status, we have increased our investment in areas like the Central American Minors program, allowing people to apply from within country, so they are not making that dangerous trip. There’s more that needs to be done. We’ve also instituted a number of additional steps recently, including expedited removals to move people out of the country more quickly.”

“So, the message to migrants is the same even though they are coming at 21-year high, 210,000 encounters at the border last month?” the Fox News reporter asked.

“And I would also note the number of people who were who were removed from the border, which is an important part of the context, which is almost half of that number,” the press secretary claimed.

“But he’s saying don’t come and they’re coming,” Doocy replied.

“Well, there are a number of factors, as you all know, that are happening in these countries and we’re working to address those as well,” Psaki went on to claim. “And the Vice President is leading those efforts. We don’t expect that to be a switch. But addressing root causes in these countries, corruption, economic downturn, people are fleeing, a range of challenges, persecution, those are issues we need to address at the same time.”

It’s always nice to see a reporter for a major news network actually take the time and energy to hold a Democrat’s feet to the fire and make them answer the tough questions. Or not answer the tough questions, which in and of itself, is an answer.

We need more of that in our nation today.