Trump’s Accountants Have Been Ordered To Hand Over Tax Records To House Panel By Federal Judge

A federal judge has decided that former President Donald Trump’s accountants have to hand over two years worth of his tax records to a House committee that is investigating to see whether or not he or any of his businesses made a profit off of his time served as president.

If it hasn’t become obvious to you yet, the left has a serious vendetta against Trump and it’s become personal. This is no longer about some fake crusade to protect the country from the alleged “evils” of the “villainous” Trump. It’s about destroying the man and everything he’s built over his life.

via Washington Examiner:

On Wednesday, Amit Mehta, a judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, approved a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoena for the former president’s records surrounding the years of 2017 and 2018 but rejected the panel’s request for similar information dating back to 2011.

“Such limited legislative need cannot justify the degree to which the Maloney Subpoena imposes on the separation of powers, even in the case of a former President,” Mehta, who got appointed to her position by former President Barack Obama, went on to say in the ruling.

“The more Congress can invade the personal sphere of a former President, the greater the leverage Congress would have on a sitting President,” Mehta went on to argue.

Trump’s lawyers are likely to attempt to appeal the ruling, and the House panel could challenge the decision as well.

The ruling follows more than a year after the Supreme Court intervened in the case, overruling early wins for the House in lower courts and advising judges to be more careful about balancing the interest of the executive and legislative branches. While the Supreme Court ruled in July 2020 that the Manhattan district attorney could obtain Trump’s tax returns, Trump prevailed in a second case at the time, with the justices saying they would not allow Congress to obtain tax and financial records and kicking the issue back to the lower courts.

“How can we both protect the House’s interest in obtaining information it needs to legislate but also protect the presidency?” Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was appointed to the bench by Trump, posited during oral arguments that were held last summer.

Again, this attack is personal. The man is already out of the White House. Why in the world are Democrats still going after him? The only reasonable explanation is that it’s a score they are trying to settle.

The former president undid a lot of the groundwork that had been laid by the Obama administration in transforming us into a socialist nation. It’s made their work more difficult. Trump exposed a lot of what they stand for and they are now out for blood.