Trump Teases 2024 Announcement, Says ‘Antiquated’ Campaign Finance Laws Won’t Allow Him To Make Official Announcement

Former President Donald Trump recently spoke with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo where he dropped some serious hints about his future intentions in the 2024 presidential race, stating during the interview that people would be “very happy” about a decision he’s made, though he can’t officially announce it due to campaign finance laws.

“The campaign finance laws, which are antiquated and stupid, they’re corrupt in a way, but they’re stupid, don’t allow me to tell you that, okay?” Trump went on to say to Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo after she asked him about his potential plans for the future.

“Everything has changed Mr. President,” Bartiromo went on to tell the former president on her Fox Business show, “Mornings With Maria,” while interviewing him by telephone. “I don’t think you would be going around the country doing rallies, (if you are) not intending on throwing your hat in the ring again. Mr. President, are you going to run in 2024?”

“If I tell you that a whole host of things happens which are bad,” Trump went on to say. “I can’t tell you. I can tell you this: I love our country. You are going to be very happy.”

via Newsmax:

The comments came during an extensive early morning interview, during which Trump lambasted President Joe Biden for his performance since his inauguration, including on Afghanistan, COVID, China, the border, and more.

Trump is planning a speech in Alabama on Saturday in conjunction with the state Republican Party’s summer meeting, and said he’s anticipating a huge crowd because “people are desperate for our help.”

“They see this man who is president destroying our country,” said the former president. “We were energy independent six months ago. Today they are negotiating with OPEC. OPEC just told them no … I filled up the national oil reserve when oil was cheap. I filled them up for almost nothing … now they want to use oil that I just bought to bring down prices. My price was $1.87 per gallon. Now it’s going to be over $5.”

Trump also on Wednesday accused Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of making a “horrible miscalculation” by pulling 19 Republicans, himself included, to join the Democratic Caucus to vote for the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan.

“He reminds me very much of Biden,” Trump boldly exclaimed. “He wanted it to be bipartisan. People don’t care if it’s bipartisan. They want good deals. He got 19 people, including himself to vote and to give them a victory. They didn’t have a victory for a long time. They were dying at the border, dying in Afghanistan, they were dying all over the place, the Democrats. He wanted to give them a victory.”

Trump then stated that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “should be ashamed of himself,” said the former commander-in-chief. “He is a stupid man…Mitch McConnell should be overthrown and overthrown fast.”

He said that McConnell is “hurting our party, very badly,” with his vote on the infrastructure deal.

“Some of (the senators) are friends of mine,” Trump then stated. “Those people have hurt their party very much, hurt their nation. They shouldn’t have done it, and they know it.”

Trump then said that Biden wants to take the capital gains tax and increase it to 43 percent, as a means of financing the Green New Deal being pushed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“She is a young woman who knows less about the environment than a five-year-old child,” Trump zinged. “It is putting the tremendous expense on companies not able to compete with China … they won’t be able to compete with China, they won’t be able to compete with Europe, because we’re going to be so screwed up with the Green New Deal stuff creating energy that costs 25 times more.”