Trump Takes To Twitter With Warning That 2020 Election Could Be ‘Rigged’ By Foreign Countries

President Donald Trump has not at all been shy about his concern over the potential dangers posed by mail-in voting for this year’s election, a point which the vast majority of conservatives share.

The move to do mail-in voting this year has been heavily pushed by Democrats who claim they want to keep the spread of coronavirus under control, believing that if we meet in person to vote, the disease could spread like wildfire.

Of course, this concern looks utterly ridiculous in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests where thousands of people are shoulder-to-shoulder and marching through the streets for weeks now.

Well, Trump recently tweeted out a warning that the 2020 election will be rigged by foreign countries if we allow mail-in voting.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner:

Trump tweeted Monday that “millions” of mail-in ballots would be “rigged.” He offered no evidence to support the claim that a foreign country would be able to pull off the massive effort to spoil millions of mail-in ballots.

Trump has come out swinging against mail-in voting, as support for voting from home grows in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump and Republicans have argued that mail-in voting would benefit Democrats and be rampant with fraud.

Five states, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, and Hawaii, already conduct universal vote-by-mail. Another 29 states and the District of Columbia allow any voter to request a mailed ballot without giving an excuse.

The fact Democrats are so giddy over the idea of mail-in voting, combined with all of the attempts they’ve made over the last few years to try and oust Trump from office, should be enough to give the rest of us pause before ever agreeing to participate in this.

Liberals no doubt would find a way to capitalize on the easily available ballots to do who knows what. It wouldn’t be the first time such individuals would have been involved in voter fraud.

Here’s to hoping folks are smart enough to see through this and not allow it to be a method of voting adopted in their state.