Trump Suggests Delaying 2020 Election Until People Can Feel Safe With In-Person Voting

President Trump is no doubt causing liberals all across the country to lose their collective minds over his recent tweet in which he suggests that we delay the presidential election until people feel safe voting in-person.

There has been a large push by Democrats over the last several months, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, to have people do mail-in voting. However, this leaves a lot of risk for voter fraud and results tampering, both of which could end up favoring Joe Biden and helping him to steal an election.

Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

Trump has repeatedly suggested on Twitter and in interviews that mail-in voting could be subject to fraud and has called the practice “one of the biggest risks I have.”

Trump’s likely Democratic opponent Joe Biden has suggested that Trump could try to delay the election. “Mark my words,” Biden said in April. “I think he is going to try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held.”

When Biden floated in April that Trump may try to delay the election, Trump said: “I never even thought of changing the date of the election. Why would I do that? Nov. 3. It’s a good number.”

Trump’s campaign responded to Biden’s assumption about the president trying to delay the election by saying it was a “conspiracy theory.” Welp, this tweet doesn’t do much to help that particular explanation now does it?

Why in the world would Trump say something like this? Seriously?

Perhaps he’s just doing what he does best, which is troll the left. But it seems a comment like this does nothing but justify the fears of Democrats across our nation. Is there some sort of strategy behind mentioning this? A sort of reverse psychology? By saying delay the election, maybe he’s hoping more people will then decide to uphold in-person voting.

There has to be some sort of method to the madness.