Trump Says ‘SCOTUS Should Be Ashamed Of Itself’ For Tossing Out Election Challenges

Former President Donald Trump took a big shot at the Supreme Court for refusing to hear a series of challenges to the final results of the 2020 presidential election, stating that the court “should be ashamed of itself.”

Trump then went on to blame mail-in voting changes, which he still contends were probably illegal, for the loss he suffered to President Joe Biden during an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

“The Democrats used COVID to do things they can’t believe they got away with, that they didn’t get their legislatures to approve, and our courts and the Supreme Court didn’t have the courage to overturn elections that should have been overturned,” the former president stated. “Because you’re talking about decisive amounts, hundreds of thousands and even millions of votes.

“The Supreme Court didn’t rule on the facts. It ruled on standing. The Supreme Court should be ashamed of itself.”

via Newsmax:

Trump also furthered his feud with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who he said erred by refusing to support Trump’s push for another round of $2,000 stimulus checks. Trump had advocated for the additional funds both before the November presidential election and before the January special election in Georgia that flipped a pair of Senate seats to Democrats and awarded the party control of the Senate.

“That was a disaster,” Trump said. “Mitch McConnell made a tremendous mistake. He lost those two seats.”

Trump, who has spoken out only a few times since leaving office, also credited the Washington Post for issuing a correction this week to its months-old story alleging the then-president told Georgia elections investigator Frances Watson to “find the fraud” in the state.

“I will say this, I was very happy that the Washington Post had the courage, or whatever you want to call it, for at least admitting their mistake. I hope it was a mistake,” Trump went on to say. “They were told something that didn’t exist and it made me sound bad and when I heard it, I said, ‘That’s ridiculous. I never said that.'”

“The Washington Post did a correction. A lot of pressure was put on them but they did a correction because they realized what they did was wrong,” he said.

Well, he’s not wrong. The Supreme Court should be very concerned about election integrity and should do everything within its power to help ensure that it is protected so our way of life can be secured against those who wish to destroy it.

Having free and fair elections is critical for the success of our nation and the preservation of our God-given rights.