Trump Says If He Were In The WH, China Wouldn’t Be Threatening Taiwan

Former President Donald Trump recently stated that if he were still in the White House, there’s no way that China would be making threats toward Taiwan.

Just before Trump took the stage Saturday night for a rally in the state of Iowa, he sat down for an interview with John Bachman of Newsmax. During their conversation, Bachman asked the former president about Chinese President Xi Jinping and his promise of “reunification” with Taiwan.

“I knew him very well and he never talked about [taking over Taiwan] during my four years, that I can tell you,” Trump went on to say during his chat with Bachman. “And he wouldn’t have talked about it if we were in there right now.”

“He sees weakness. He watched the Afghanistan disaster. He looked at what took place there, not even conceivable. Thirteen incredible young warriors, their lives were lost because of incompetence, gross incompetence. Taking the military out first and $85 million worth of equipment — the best in the world — it’s a disgrace,” Trump continued.

via Newsmax:

Trump added that China is not the only foreign power that watched President Joe Biden’s botched U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“When President Xi and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and everybody else looks at that,” the former president said, “they’ve totally lost respect for our country.”

The former president then addressed an announced record crowd at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines on Saturday night.

Trump published a statement through his Super PAC last week saying, “we may very well end up in a war with China who no longer respects the USA.”

“China and Russia are already reverse engineering the equipment [left in Afghanistan] so they can build it for themselves,” Trump went on to say in a statement released on Wednesday.

“The only thing the Radical Left Democrats, who are destroying our Nation, are good at is rigging Elections and criminal activity, while always blaming the other side through corrupt prosecutors and prosecutions. Our Country is in big trouble—we better get going fast!” He concluded.

Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen said Sunday said her country will not “bow to pressure” from communist China, which sent approximately 150 fighter jets over Taiwanese airspace during a period of days.

“Our position on cross-strait relations remains the same: neither our goodwill nor our commitments will change,” Tsai stated with confidence.