Trump Reveals What Emboldened Putin And Other Dictators To Start Making Moves On Geopolitical Stage

According to former President Donald Trump, who recently did an interview with Republican Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel on her “Real America” Podcast that was released on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with other leaders from around the world, got a “new sense of power and dignity” when they witnessed what took place when the United States pulled troops out of Afghanistan.

“They see what fools we’ve made of ourselves in getting out of Afghanistan,” Trump went on to say during the interview. “There’s never been anything so mishandled, so bungled, so incompetent. And I think that’s actually a big reason why the problem you have with Ukraine.”

“I think when Putin and when Xi [Jinping] and when Kim Jong Un and when the Iranians are watching that, the Iranian leaders, I think they saw what happened in Afghanistan, and I think that gave them a new sense of power and dignity,” the former president continued, according to Newsmax.

“When you look at Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, we have taken in so many people into the Republican Party that we never would have taken in. Because we made America great again, because of me, because of you, we all worked on it very hard,” he added. “We have a much bigger, much more powerful party. We’re going to do fantastically well in 2022.”

Trump also took a swing at the “corrupt media” and all of the claims it made about him and Russia when “there was never anybody tougher than I was.”

He then said that if Putin was “being honest,” then “he would say that because of the sanctions I put on, I was the one that ended” the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

“Nobody ever even heard of it until I came along and complained and then I shut it down and there was never anything so big that happened to Russia,” said the former president.

However, President Joe Biden “opened it up almost immediately,” Trump stated. “I couldn’t believe it, and now we are where we are. It’s a disgrace. Just a little while ago we were energy independent. We were producing more energy by far than Russia or Saudi Arabia. We were going to be double the size of both in a very short time, probably by within 12 months. We were energy independent for the first time in more than 72 years.”

“Putin, Trump added, took over Georgia and Crimea when former President Barack Obama was in office, but he didn’t go after Ukraine when he was in office ‘because we were very tough on Russia,'” the Newsmax report said.

“This would never have happened had the election not been rigged,” Trump remarked. “This would have been so easy, and by the way that includes China because China’s going to be making a move soon in my opinion on Taiwan … I would say sooner rather than later.”

“Trump added that Ukraine is still standing because of the weapons his administration sent and added that the violence in Ukraine could result in the loss of millions of lives,” the report continued.

“They’re shooting at apartment houses and the buildings are collapsing,” he commented. “There are a lot of people in those buildings and they don’t talk about it you know they say two people were injured. No, no, many people were killed. It’s all a lot of nonsense. Buildings are coming down left and right and they’re being obliterated. This is a modern-day disaster.”

And he’s absolutely right. It is a modern-day disaster.

Could this situation in Ukraine have been avoided with better, stronger leadership calling the shots?