Trump Puts New Travel Restrictions On Cuba; Bans The Purchase Of Tobacco, Rum

On Wednesday, President Trump announced that he was putting a few new travel restrictions in place for Americans paying a visit to Cuba, banning them from the purchase of tobacco and rum, or from staying at government-funded hotels.

Wonder how this news is going to affect filmmaker Michael Moore who is just an absolute diehard fan of the communist system used by Cuba. He and a few other Hollywood folks like actor Sean Penn have long touted the Cuban government, totally ignoring all of the human rights violations the regime has committed over the years.

via Fox News:

The Treasury Department announced regulatory changes under the new rules that restrict importing Cuba-origin alcohol and tobacco products and prevent travelers from attending or organizing certain professional meetings or conferences in Cuba, as well as public performances, clinics, workshops, competitions, and other exhibitions in the country.

Trump also applied new sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua as part of an ongoing crackdown against communism.

Trump’s newest sanctions threaten to further cripple Cuba’s tourism industry already caving in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. Cuba’s government owns all of the hotels on the island.

“The Cuban government’s profits from properties in the hospitality industry owned or controlled by the Cuban government, senior regime officials, Cuban Communist Party leadership, and their families, disproportionately benefit the Cuban government, all at the expense of the Cuban people, who continue to face repression at the hands of the regime,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement.

Communism should be opposed whenever we have an opportunity to do so. The president is simply doing his job to help promote liberty, freedom, and true equality. Cuba has long been a violator of human rights, which is what makes the left’s love affair with their system of government so disturbing.