Trump Lawyer Scorches Impeachment Managers, Says They ‘Failed Miserably’ And ‘Manufactured Evidence’

One of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys, Bruce Castor, did an interview on Saturday with Fox News in which he stated that he’s “feeling pretty good” after his client was acquitted.

The lawyer then went on to describe what he saw as the failure of the impeachment managers during the presentation of evidence during the Senate trial.

via Washington Examiner:

“Well, they failed miserably on all sorts of grounds, not the least of which is the jurisdiction over somebody out of office,” he said. “The Constitution is quite plain that once you’re out of office, that’s the only active remedy upon the bringing up of an impeachment article.”

Castor added that “the thing that I think really sunk their ship is they not only manufactured evidence and passed it off as true, but also selectively cut and re-cut the president’s statements such that they were out of context. And when you put them all in the right context, and when you found the correct pieces of evidence, it showed deceptiveness and deceit on their part.”

Trump’s lawyers previously complained that a video showed by impeachment managers during the beginning of their arguments was deceptively edited by placing the events of Jan. 6 out of order. It was not immediately clear what piece of evidence Castor thought was “manufactured.”

In a piece that was published in the New York Times on February 7th, Rep. Jamie Raskin was pictured looking at a computer with two tweets on it. One of them had the wrong date on it, though it is difficult to see.

“There is significant reason to doubt the evidence the House managers have put before us,” lawyer David Schoen said as he presented his defense of the president. He then accused the impeachment managers of having “created a false representation of tweets.” Schoen then acknowledged, however, that the error was fixed before it was presented to the Senate floor.

I’m sure that everyone in the Trump camp was relieved to have this whole farce brought to a close. The left ultimately failed in their goal to have the president banned from being able to run in 2024, which was the real goal of the impeachment trial.

Just imagine how terrified that thought makes them right about now.