Trump Hits Back At Governors With Tweet About ‘Mutiny’

President Trump is not the kind of guy who will take being attacked lying down. He’s a counterpuncher, someone who will fight back and dish out what others have done to him, something a lot of folks think is wrong, but if you look at the history of good world leaders, that’s a trait they all share in common.

Trump recently fired off a warning to Democratic governors he believes have been actively working to undermine his efforts to handle the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the country.

Tuesday morning, President Trump took to Twitter, where he posted that his “favorite” movie is Mutiny on the Bounty, a flick that focuses on a mutiny that occurs on a British ship in 1789.

Here are the details from The Washington Examiner:

“Tell the Democrat Governors that ‘Mutiny On The Bounty’ was one of my all time favorite movies,” Trump tweeted. “A good old fashioned mutiny every now and then is an exciting and invigorating thing to watch, especially when the mutineers need so much from the Captain. Too easy!”

President Trump has been locking horns with NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over and over again as they continue to question how he’s been handling this crisis.

Recently, Trump stated that as president, he has “total” authority to decide when the states could open up their economies, something that Gov. Cuomo had a big problem with, noting that the Constitution does not support Trump’s conclusion about presidential authority.

“That is a king. We didn’t have a king. We didn’t have King George Washington. We have President George Washington,” Cuomo told MSNBC.

Oh so now Democrats care about states rights. How convenient.

Trump responded to Cuomo by tweeting, “Cuomo’s been calling daily, even hourly, begging for everything, most of which should have been the state’s responsibility, such as new hospitals, beds, ventilators, etc. I got it all done for him, and everyone else, and now he seems to want Independence! That won’t happen!”


That’s going to leave a mark.