Trump Delivers Big Blow To Biden Over Handling Of Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Says He’s Risking ‘WWIII’

Former President Donald Trump ripped into President Joe Biden Wednesday during an interview with Lou Dobbs on “The Great American Show” podcast, stating that the escalating Russia-Ukraine crisis is a “NATO problem” that Biden is turning into a potential “World War III.”

Trump slammed Biden for saying that any actions taken against Russia would depend on “if it’s a minor incursion [into Ukraine] and we end up having to fight about what to do and what to not do, et cetera.”

“What Biden said was psychologically very weak and very bad,” Trump said during the interview. “He said, ‘Oh, they’re going in.’ It was almost like an invitation to go in. We don’t want to see that, but it was like an invitation.”

The nation of Russia has already moved 100,000 troops close to the border of Ukraine, which is a buildup the West says is in preparation for a war to keep the Eastern European country from being able to join the NATO alliance.

As of this writing, the Kremlin denies planning any sort of invasion.

via Newsmax:

Dobbs told Trump there had been a report that Biden was considering sending 50,000 U.S. troops to Europe to help defend Ukraine.

“To start World War III, to start World War III,” the former president said to Dobbs. “It’s just all so crazy. And it would have never happened under me. It would have never happened.

“Taiwan, which will happen eventually with China, probably after the Olympics. would never have happened. Now bombers are flying freely over Taiwan,” he said.

Trump blamed Russia’s aggression — and China’s — on Biden’s disastrous U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan late last summer.

“There’s a lot of dislike and I think I lot of distrust on behalf of Russia toward us because of what happened over the past year,” Trump stated during the conversation with Dobbs. “They look at our country and they’re laughing, they are laughing out loud. This is just a lack of respect for us.”

Trump said the situation involving Ukraine is “a NATO problem, European problem.”

“NATO is something that, until I got here … you know we were being ripped off,” Trump went on to say to Dobbs. “We not only got ripped off with trade from Europe — they’re almost as bad as China as far as I’m concerned. They were ripping us off left and right.”

“On top of that, we defended Europe because they weren’t paying their bills. When I got in, I said, ‘You’re not paying your bills. You gotta pay your bills, you’re delinquent.’ And they said, ‘Does that mean you wouldn’t fight for us?’ I said, ‘If you’re delinquent, I wouldn’t fight for you. No, you’re right about that,'” he continued.

“The next day, billions of dollars came in,” the former president said.

Trump then stated that his administration recouped $400 billion from NATO countries.

“We were paying for most of NATO. And then I look at this situation, and they want us to go over,” he stated in the interview.