Trump Compares Bolton To Hillary Clinton, Says He ‘Should Be In Jail’

It would probably be an understatement to say that President Trump and his former national security adviser John Bolton aren’t best friends anymore. Not that they ever were, but even the most base of pleasantries that might have existed between the two have gone up in proverbial flames.

Much of the tension between the two comes as a result of a tell-all book coming out later this month concerning Bolton’s time in the White House and alleges to reveal some rather damning evidence of wrongdoing in the administration.

President Trump, obviously, has been on the warpath against Bolton ever since, and understandably so. Trump has been under constant attack practically since day one of his administration and before too. He’s sort of gotten used to having to brashly and boldly defend himself from the assaults of the radical left, which Bolton seems to be siding with at this point in time.

Trump recently went off on Bolton, claiming that he broke the law and deserves to be in jail.

Here’s more on this from Washington Examiner:

Trump shared an article early Tuesday morning from a South Korean outlet that featured an executive official who claimed that Bolton disclosed private discussions from the meeting the two nations had while working with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The South Korean official said that Bolton “distorted” the details of the meeting but urged the United States to address his “dangerous” and “schizophrenic” behavior.

“See, Bolton broke the law. Classified Information!” Trump wrote in a tweet while sharing the article.

The president followed up his tweet by comparing Bolton to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who used a private server to store some information deemed classified while working under President Barack Obama. She was never criminally charged for violating laws related to the protection of classified information.

A couple of the claims that Bolton has made against Trump in the book includes his asking for help for his reelection campaign from Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The Department of Justice tried to stop the book from coming out by getting a restraining order, but the court shot that down pretty quickly.

All in all, this seems like Bolton just trying to get back at the president for firing him. It’s petty and vindictive, but hey, those are common traits among politicians, right?