Trump Allies, White House Push Back On Mainstream Media ‘Peaceful Transfer’ Controversy

The mainstream media is always looking for an excuse to start some sort of controversy over nothing in an attempt to make President Trump look like some sort of nutty dictator, which is why they seized so hard on comments he made earlier this week about his answer to whether or not he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he lost the election.

Once again, Democrats took his answer and misconstrued it to sound like he was essentially going to refuse to give up power, when that wasn’t what he said at all.

The president stated that if the election was a close one, and the vast majority of the voting done by mail-in voting, he’d contest the results. If Democrats want a peaceful transfer of power, he stated that they should get rid of the ballots. The ballots in question were obviously mail-in ballots. The president hasn’t been shy about wanting in-person voting to reduce the possibility of voter fraud.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pushed back against this false narrative along with a number of other Trump allies.

via Washington Examiner:

McEnany opened the briefing by listing examples of what she described as Democrats violating American political norms. “They’ve proposed court-packing — an egregious idea,” she said. “They’ve entertained impeachment as punishment for the president exercising his lawful Article Two, Section Two authority to appoint — nominate, rather — a justice to the Supreme Court. They’ve advocated for the abolition of the Electoral College.”

“These are all the tactics that they’re using to sow chaos and discord,” McEnany continued. “Likewise, they’re endorsing a mass mail-out ballot system that will likely lead to the kind of weeklong delay New York witnessed in its recent primary.”

“He could have answered the question better, sure,” conceded a Republican operative close to the Trump reelection campaign. “But the idea that he said anything close to holding on to power after a loss is ridiculous.”

“Trump is never going to concede the election before the votes are counted,” the operative stated. “He isn’t going to unilaterally disarm, while Democrats are lawyering up in every close state.”

For the Democratic Party to act as if Trump has any plans to hold on to power and become some sort of dictator is absolutely ridiculous. Look at how stringently the president has clung to the principles of federalism over the course of his time in office. If there’s some issue to tackle that the federal government does not have the constitutional authority to address, he’s allowed the states to handle it, just as the Constitution requires.

What he’s referring to by contesting the results has to do with close calls in key states. It has to do with protecting the integrity of the election system and ensuring that every American’s voice is heard and properly counted. It’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

This is the same course of action that Hillary Clinton recently urged Joe Biden to take should the election results be tight. So it’s okay for the left to do it, but not okay for Trump. Hypocrisy, folks. Total hypocrisy.

This whole thing is a huge nothing burger.