Top Debate Coach Reveals Factors That Could Cause Biden Issues During First Presidential Debate

Next week is the first presidential debate, a prime time event that is surely going to draw massive numbers of viewers as it promises to be the most entertaining bit of television you’ve probably seen all year long.

Ahead of this much anticipated showdown, Brett O’Donnell, a top debate coach, has revealed a few factors that could end up derailing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s performance and score a win for President Trump.

Here’s the scoop from Fox News:

“[Biden] has not done any tough interviews in this campaign so far, whether or not he can handle the toughest of interviews, a presidential debate, being attacked by the president and also tough questions from Chris Wallace in that first debate remains to be seen,” O’Donnell told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked O’Donnell: “How much does it benefit the president of the United States that he sat down with Chris Wallace” before?

“I think that’s a tremendous advantage,” O’Donnell said in response. “First of all, Chris Wallace is a tough interviewer, he is tough on everyone.”

“The president has been through that now and so he can anticipate how Chris Wallace might approach this debate,” O’Donnell went on.

“Joe Biden hasn’t sat down for any tough interviews. He’s been handled … with kid gloves by the press and so it will be interesting to see how he fares in the crucible of debate in one of the most anticipated presidential debates ever.”

With all of the interviews — which are only a handful — that Joe Biden has done that have seemingly demonstrated that he’s not quite at full mental capacity, you’d think he would be very nervous about this upcoming debate.

Trump will no doubt thrive and take full advantage of the opportunity this debate presents to differentiate himself from Biden and his hardcore leftist policy positions.

Not to mention he’ll be able to do a battle of wits against him which honestly is not going to go well for Biden. He’s likely to lose his temper and make a fool of himself, which will only serve to help Trump come November.