Tom Fitton Of Judicial Watch Says New Emails Raise Even More Questions About The Death Of Ashli Babbitt

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which filed a lawsuit in order to obtain details concerning the questions that are surrounding the death of U.S. veteran Ashli Babbitt who was killed during the Capitol riots by Capitol Police, have now obtained a batch of emails with over 1,000 pages, which according to the group’s president Tom Fitton, raises new questions about the delays in reporting the details of the woman’s death.

via Newsmax:

He also told Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” Wednesday, while breaking down the emails, that the delays make one wonder if the real issue is politics and an attempt to keep information back until after the impeachment of former President Donald Trump on charges of incitement of an insurrection.

“It is a scandal of epic proportions that we still don’t have basic information about the only person who died via homicide on Jan. 6,” Fitton stated during his interview. “In theory, we shouldn’t have to sue for information like this but because there’s this, how is it you would describe it as anything other than a cover-up … was the Trump impeachment one of the reasons they withheld information from the American people about how all these people died?”

The emails received show, in part, that a medical examiner in the case requested Babbitt’s body be cremated just two days after it was received, and that her fingerprint records had been sent to an undeliverable email address that resulted in an error message being returned that was written in Chinese characters.

Babbitt was the only person killed at the Capitol, said Fitton, but “remember there were three others who died of natural causes. What’s going on, that’s what I want to know and that’s why we’re (suing them).”

Fitton also pointed out Wednesday that the identity of the person who shot and killed Babbitt has not been revealed, and that one would think more information would have been released by now about her death, including the decision to cremate her body so quickly.

“It struck me as odd,” the Judicial Watch president said. “Maybe the family requested it and they accommodated the family’s request on their behalf, I don’t know. But this was an active investigation. They hadn’t determined the cause or manner of death, but applying for the cremation doesn’t necessarily mean the cremation took place.”

Fitton also believes that the issue of who shot Babbitt should already be public information at this point,.

Another troubling mystery is why emails they received show investigators in communication with D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser.

“Why was the mayor’s office involved in a criminal potentially murder investigation depending on what the conclusions were?” he asked.

Fitton then added that folks on the left continue to say that Babbitt was shot and killed while “doing something seemingly illegal” but “that’s not the way the rule of law is supposed to work.”

“I want the investigative report about how that how that shooting took place, whether it was justified or not,” Fitton continued. “I want the name of the officer. It’s something that would be required from any other major police department, and frankly, also the FBI wouldn’t be able to withhold this information. But, because it’s (Speaker) Nancy Pelosi’s police force the rule of law doesn’t apply and basic transparency requirements don’t apply.”

There’s a lot of strange things happening with this particular case and someone needs to get to the bottom of it so that Babbitt’s family can have closure and better understand what happened to their daughter that day.