Tom Cotton Rips Joe Biden Over Economy Currently ‘Crushing Working-Class Americans’

Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, put President Joe Biden on full blast on Friday after reports emerged that the country has now reached the highest level of inflation in 39 years.

“Today, we learned that inflation is at the highest level in more than a generation,” Cotton posted on Twitter.

“President Biden’s economy is crushing working-class Americans,” he continued.

Cotten then went on toss some additional details about all of this in a rather sharp and scathing statement concerning what he referred to as President Biden’s “lies” to the American people.

“President Biden promised never to raise taxes on middle class and working-class Americans—President Biden lied. He allowed the cruelest tax of all, inflation, to skyrocket,” Cotton stated.

“Today, we learned that inflation is at the highest level in more than a generation,” the senator said.

via The Daily Wire:

Cotton’s statement also criticized Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in his attacks on Biden’s inflation.

“This is a direct result of President Biden’s trillion dollar spending binges, his appointment of an inexperienced and absentee Transportation Secretary who mangled our supply chains, and his anti-energy policies that have driven up the price of gas,” Cotton wrote.

Buttigieg reportedly took two months of parental leave after he adopted twin daughters with his husband, Chasten.

Cotton wrapped up his beat down of the Biden administration by making a call for the president to “reverse course” from his “extreme agenda.”

“The President should immediately reverse course, apologize for his undeniable and unforced failures, and end his extreme agenda,” Cotton went on to say.

Cotton’s statement on Friday comes after a report from the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index, which revealed a staggering 6.8 percent increase in prices during the month of November. The update is higher than October’s inflation rate of 6.2 percent.

“The surge led to prices being 14% higher than only one year ago and the highest inflation in 39 years,” the Daily Wire noted.

One day before the release of the report, President Biden claimed, “Together we’re going to build a better America.”

Guess we have different definitions of the word “better.”